Adverts Placement

Online marketing is an effective medium for advertising as it appeals for huge impact on your business performance.  Having advert placements on gets you on track in making your products/services well known, get sufficient target market and boost your earnings.

Advertising on our site enables you not only to reach out to people within Nigeria, but also lets you appeal to the needs of potential clients around the globe. If you are a business owner and have heard of the different ways to advertise your business online but have not made the first step, then let help you take that leap into online advertising.

We value our advertisers and would love to connect with you personally to provide you with more information about our ad placement options. Interested? to List properties Click Here or to place a banner advert on our site?  Please reach out to us to request more information.

Benefits of Advertising:
* Wider Coverage:
   Our online advertising gives your ads wider global coverage in over 220 countries, 24
   languages and 124 currencies that helps in making your adverts reach more
   audiences. This may ultimately help you in getting better results through your online
   advertising campaign.

* High Speed Rate:
   Your advertising is much faster when you start sending out the ads to a wider
   audience the moment you start your advertising campaign with us.

* Targeted Audience:
  Our online marketing helps you to reach the targeted audience. This helps in making
   your campaign more profitable and gets more relevant leads.

* Informative:
   Convey more details about the advertisement to the audience and that too at relatively
   low cost.

* Easy Audience Engagement:
   Online advertisement makes it easy for the audience to engage with your ads or

* Brand Recognition & Awareness:
   Keep your brand visible and in the minds of many

* Cost Effective Advertising:
   With a single subscription,   put your adverts online and reach millions worldwide at
   low cost.

* Online marketing channels (e.g. Newsletter, e-campaings, social media, partnerships etc).

* Large contact database of corporate institutions & multinationals.

* Access to Government and high net-worth individuals.

* Local & International Magazines.

* Trade shows/conferences.

* Unmatched Network of Property Professionals 

* Global Affiliates network      

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