About Us

Who we are...
One-ink Properties Ltd. is a real estate solutions company incorporated in 2008 to consolidate all our real estate products under 'ONE' umbrella. The idea is to become more efficient through a streamlined service that addresses the various demands of our industry. Through quality products & services we are able to deliver professional excellence to our clients. We implore the most experienced and dedicated teams to achieve success in all our endeavors. We are a 1-STOP shop for all your property needs (see our Services).  

Our www.1inkproperties.com platform is designed to make buying and selling properties in Nigeria stress free! Today, we are a leading website based property solutions company in the Nigerian market that is respected for its excellent service delivery, driven by an unflinching innovation and an underlying resilience to cater to a diverse group of customers & clients alike. Here we are not just able to consolidate the various needs within our industry but to present it in a user-friendly and accessible manner whilst at the same time setting a benchmark for providing quality professional service.

What we do...
At www.1inkproperties.com we provide real estate professionals such as property Owners/ Developers and Agents with the tools to appeal to a wider audience thereby increasing their income streams faster and cheaper than ever before. We offer a unique blend of properties in Lekki, Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. 1inkproperties.com provides quality properties, listed by property professionals and provides the systems to ensure it reaches its intended audience. Armed with great market insight we are able to offer our clients the best properties available at transparent prices.

Who we work with...
We deal mostly with government and corporate clients due to the discrete and more specific nature of their requests; however we do also provide tailored services for both individuals and investors alike. Whether you want to Buy, Sell or Rent a property, you have found the right ONE!

In addition, we provide an online reservation system for both local and international travelers through our Hotel Bookings platform. View over 440,000 hotels world-wide and compare the best available rates online with just one search.

How we work...
www.1inkproperties.com, offers a unique and innovative vehicle through which properties and hotels  can reach their target audience. Not only do we have a comprehensive and well-organized form of property adverting with our Quick Search.We also provide a mixed blend of additional resources to see it through.

Check out our New Developments page that tells you the hottest new properties in the market be the first to buy and get great deals and discounts. For those who cannot yet figure out the right place to live learn the Nigerian terrain via our Estates page and check out what the neighborhood has to offer (schools, shops, entertainment etc.) before moving in and get up to date listing instantly.

Lastly our Hotel booking platform provides access for Nigerian Hotels to compete on an international stage.

Our values are (L.I.G.H.T)

           Leadership, "we are leaders in our field"
            Integrity, "we inspire Trust"

Growth, "we believe in growing value for our clients"

             Harmony, "the right atmosphere is necessary for success"

           Transparency, "we carry you along each step of the way"

Our mission
To provide superior solutions in the real estate sector in Nigeria through innovation, professionalism, speed and quality service. Our goal is to build lasting impressions in our service and in our structures.

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