Estate Agency

At 1ink Properties we love what we do and pride ourselves on having a unique perspective on the process of matching people with homes. From the little things we see that others miss, to the neighbour-hoods we know like the back of our hands. 1ink Properties, See things differently.

Our agency service involves the letting, sub-letting, sale and purchase of landed properties whether completed, or yet to be completed. Our strategies and activities are as follows:-

1. We first undertake a detailed study/inspection of the property or building plans to

     i) The total lettable space/accommodation schedule that will be available for letting

    ii) The services to be provided within and without the property among others.

2. If uncompleted, we also visit the site regularly to ascertain the progress of work at
    every stage, to assist us in our   letting strategies.

3. We request that we be permitted to erect our "TO LET"  /  "FOR SALE" board on the
    property to take care of those individuals/corporate organisations who opt to go
    "house-hunting" themselves rather than channel their requests through Estate
    Surveying Firms.

4. We also mount an aggressive advertisement campaign through our advertising/media

    Furthermore, this includes the preparation of a comprehensive Letting Brochure and
    its widest circulation through our large database of certified realtors, high profile
    individuals and notable corporate bodies operating within the country.

5. Furthermore, we approach the numerous organisations we are connected with either
    by way of friendship or as a result of having done business with them in the past to
    introduce the property to them.

6. Since we are a solutions driven business we implore the necessary technology to
    collate and match properties available for letting with tenants requiring
    accommodation and we firmly believe that this innovation and our professional
    service will greatly enhance client's satisfaction.

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