Hotel Partners

With a trusted online hotel reservation system for booking hotel rooms across the globe, provides Hotel Partners with the best rates in over 450,000 hotels worldwide in just one search. Through our affiliation that spans across 220 countries, 24 languages and 120 currencies, we are sure to find you a hotel that is right for you. Whether you are traveling last minute as a family or need a hotel for business, our platform allows you to instantly compare prices from hundreds of top travel sites - including Expedia,, Travelocity, Get a Room, and many more.. Why spend hours searching and comparing hotel prices on many different sites? This is just another reason why its smart to book with us.

* Quick and Easy
   Find hotels all over the world with just one simple search.
* We are where ever you want to be:
   Find hotels near your current location, at any time.
* Informative:
   Read descriptions, maps, images and guest reviews.
* Save Costs:
   Reduce processing time and administrative costs through online bookings.
* Secure online Payments:
   Select from multiple payment options - Visa, Master-card etc.
* User Friendly:
   Easily organize and sort your search results according to price, popularity, location and proximity filters.   
* Flexible:
   View hotel rates in the currency of your choice.
Reasons customers like us:
* Go Cash-Less: An alternate payment option to cash which is safer.
* We're 100% ad free: No annoying clutter.
* No account registration required: Simply click on hotels and start searching.
* Clear, easy-to-use interface.

* Option to book by phone if you prefer (With supported hotels)

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