An International Service

Selling international homes to Nigerian buyers and beyond

Based in Lagos Nigeria, we have a team of experienced international property sales experts who will market your international property to Nigerian-based and foreign buyers.

We have close ties with numerous associates across the world, and we use this network to share property and buyer information and connect the two.

The reach of the profile means that we can present your property to a wide audience. We support this with targeted advertising, marketing and PR plans.

To register to become a member and advertise your international properties please click here.

Sellers of international homes

If you are considering selling your international home, our team will prepare a tailored marketing package, ensuring that your property is exposed to the best possible audience. Your property will be listed on our website and professional brochures will be prepared and sent to all the buyers listed in our database whose criteria match those of your property. The personalised and dedicated nature of our service means that we will contact key prospects direct to discuss your property. We are happy to arrange accompanied viewings, too, so that you don?t have to give up your time. We work closely with our partners and are able to access their high-net worth clients to promote your property. With a well-established and trusted name, many buyers rely on us to help them with their international property search.

Buyers of international homes

Buying an overseas property can be daunting and not without reason. International property laws differ a lot and without proper advice, many buyers have found themselves in difficulty. Our advisors on the international homes team will guide you through the process from start to finish. From assisting you in your search for the perfect home, to arranging accompanied viewings and managing the purchase process, we will be there every step of the way. We will regularly contact you with progress reports and ensure that you are consulted at all stages. We can also recommend, or help you to source independent legal experts in the country you want to buy. Search our entire database of International properties.

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