Mortgage partners

One-Ink Properties Ltd. is dedicated to advancing the success of the Nigerian Property Industry. As such we are working to accomplish this by partnering financial institutions such as Banks and Finance houses through our Mortgage Partners membership scheme; by leveraging on the platform Mortgage Partners gain global exposure for their bank and mortgage offerings. Take advantage of this affordable point of sale advertising opportunity to communicate your offerings to its intended customers.

As a Mortgage Partner you will have the ability to connect to potential homeowners as-well-as property developers for secured financing for their homes and/or projects. Also you get a great place to show case your products offering amongst your competitors. Get additional attraction through our global hotel-booking platform that guarantees thousands of daily visitors to our site. When it comes to mortgage finance be top of mind - take the lead - and join us today!

Partner benefits

* Publication of mortgage rates:
   Use our website as a platform to update mortgages rates and get it across to the
   clients immediately.

* Instant contact with target audience:

   Be able to relate to prospective clients one on one and understand their concerns.

* Increased business and profit:
   Access a wider pool of clients; generate more business and profit.

* Fast communication to targeted audience:
   Your clients get informed immediately

* Advertising Exposure of your bank:
   Your bank is put on the spot light on our website platform which gives potential
   investors/ buyers the opportunity to get across to you.

* Quality service and support:
   We employ the most experience and dedicated teams to achieve your goals or needs.

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