Property Partners is dedicated to advancing the success of the Nigerian Property Industry. We are working to accomplish this by continuing to act as a catalyst for change within the industry; by providing our members and sponsors with opportunities to network and do business with each other, by providing a partnership scheme that successful agents/developers who are recognized in the industry can participate in.

If you are interested in becoming a property partner please register here.

As a leading website based property Solutions Company in Nigeria, we are committed to the following:

Recognizing that many realtors, agents and developers can contribute positively in offsetting the lack in property demands.

Increasing the ability of those in the real estate industry to showcase their products offering on our site at a lower cost.

Enjoy the privilege of being a 1ink Property Partner today!

Partners' Benefits:

   And unlimited listing of all your properties.

* New incremental business:
   Access a wider pool of clients; generate more profit by turning over more properties.

* Easy audience engagement:
   Buyers can quickly and easily get a feel for your property.

* Targeted Audience:
   Reach your desired target audience much cheaper and make your campaign more

* Shared Fee's:
   We share fee's with our partner Agents 50/50

* Informative:
   Be able to convey more details about your property to your audience at no cost.

* Increased traffic on our site due to increased demand for hotels:
   Access hotel seekers with different purchasing patterns and travel profiles -
   everything from luxury - minded early bookers, to last-minute deal seekers.       

* Unmatched exposure:
   Over 220 countries, 24 languages and 120 currencies.

* Secure Mortgage:
  Get access to our partner banks for a Mortgage Facility for home ownership.

* Deliver more with less:
   Access to our Network 24/7.

* Quality Service & Support:
   We employ the most experience and dedicated teams to achieve your goals or needs.

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